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DB Access Classes : OLE Server database access classes version 1.0

Database access classes which can easily be modified to work with your particular table in any database which accessible via ODBC. The classes can be used by themselves or within an OLE Server (EXE or DLL). They provided functions such DeleteAll, DeleteRow, and GetCount. They also automatically generate SQL statement based on parameters passed in within a data structure. You can easily get access to all of the data in your database including BLOBs and have access to many functions which normally have to be coded. Source code for an OLE Server DLL with the underlying Access table is provided with step by step instruction for modification of a sample class. Currently developing a wizard which will automatically make the necessary modifications to the source code. Release date is not currently available.

FTP++ : FTP Library version 1.5

FTP++ is a programmer's tool which hastens development of FTP applications. This product eases access to the Internet and allows quick construction of FTP enabled applications. It alleviates the need to develop code from scratch which decreases development time, improves reliability and reduces maintenance requirements. This small, efficient DLL loads quickly into memory and allows programmers to implement pre-built function. The user may:

  • Open and close multiple servers.
  • Access a full range of file services using wild card characters.
  • Get server types.
  • Copy files automatically from one server to another.
  • Implement blocking function calls.
  • Create functions that can be used in both user applications and services.

Don't waste development time and resources developing your Internet/FTP services from scratch! Let FTP++ do the work for you. This product is shipped royalty free. 

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